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The Requirements of Refractory Sliding Nozzle

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The requirements of refractory sliding nozzle

Sliding nozzle mainly stalled in the bottom of ladle, whose applied condition has got a big improvement comparing with plug, as its refractory part does not soak in molten steel for a long time. To sliding nozzle, slide gate is the key section, as its quality influences life span of nozzle directly.

The lower/upper nozzle only as a role of alleyway for steel running, but the upper nozzle is required to resist high temperature and eroding, which has the same life span of ladle well block. The lower nozzle is only used for one time, so which holds less demand than upper nozzle.

Both of upper/lower sliding plate are beard fastening pressure, and also required to slid and no molten steel overslow between them when pouring. So it is required to take finish machining to slip plan of upper and lower sliding plate, to make sure high parallelism and smoothness, besides, both of them are required rather high mechanical property.

Now the material of sliding plate mainly include: High alumina, Magnesia, Aluminum silicon carbide, Aluminum chromium, Aluminum carbon, and Aluminum zirconium carbon.

Above materials can be made into burned and unburned skateboarding brick.

As high quality sliding plate is expensive, one can choose  compound sliding plate, which is more appliable and economical.  

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