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Mid Autumn Festival -- Chinese family reunion day

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Dear Sirs and Madams, we will have a three-day Mid-Autumn Festival holiday, from 6th to 8th September. Even so, there will be some Changxing staff on duty in our website. We are of service at any time!

This year, the eighth day of September is Mid-Autumn Day—15th August in Chinese lunar calendar, and there is a full moon on that day. The full moon symbolizes family reunion in Chinese traditional culture, so people will try their best to return home and get a family reunion. Besides, what makes the Mid-Autumn complete is moon cake. It is a kind of musthave pastries for Mid-Autumn. Moon cakes for you! There is also a very beautiful and mournful fairy tale for the origin of the Mid-Autumn. Try to search if it interests you.

At last, Changxing Refractory wishes all you dears a fabulous Mid-Autumn/ September 8! We will be back on 9th September. Be sure to stay tuned please! ^_^

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