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What is Frac Sand Rotary Kiln

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Frac sand rotary kiln working principle

Frac sand rotary kiln in rotary kiln production temperature (950 ℃ ~ 1050 ℃), which burning super fine kaolin technology, mature, domestic advanced, represents a super fine kaolin burning technology development direction. This burning technology with low energy consumption and high output, when the product after dehydration, decarburization whitening, stable performance, which can be used for paper, coatings, and other industrial areas.

Frac sand rotary kiln product features

Frac sand rotary kiln is widely used in dolomite and kaolinite, bauxite, refractory burden, cement, limestone, titanium iron powder, mining, activated carbon, coke, kuangfen, alumina, magnesium oxide, zinc oxide, cement and other special industries. If you have some detailed  questions to ask, please contact our customer service or check our website to know more details.

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