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New Fast Thermal Fire Wall Brick Used in the Industry of Carbon for Aluminum Passed Through the Identification

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For carrying out the spirit of energy conservation and emissions reduction from the state council, promoting the non-ferrous metals industry technological progress, improving energy saving and emission reduction of carbon during the process of production, on Aug. 8, the meeting of research and development and application of assessments and promoting scientific and technological achievements about the new HY - MAC rapid thermal fire wall brick was held in Beijing organized by China nonferrous metals industry association.

As understood, the Aluminum Co., Ltd. of China, qinghai branch as the application unit of the product, Shanghai Henyan Instrument Technology Co., Ltd as the research unit, Shenyang Aluminum and Magnesium Design and Research institute as the design unit join together to complete the project. The results of the research and development of the new patented products after test and application in the baking furnace of China limited qinghai branch show more significant effect as energy saved, costs reduced, product quality improved, production capacity increasing and prolong the service life of the furnace, which is the upgrading products for the sustainable development of carbon industry, the overall project technology has reached the international leading level.

Jia Mingxing, the vice president and secretary of China nonferrous metals industry association, Qiu Dingfan and Zhang Guocheng, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Yao Shihuan, senior engineer of the International Guiyang Aluminium Magnesium Design and Research Institute, attended the meeting. Zhang Hongguo, the deputy secretary-general of China nonferrous metals industry association, chaired the meeting. The appraisal committee members are Qiu Dingfan as the director of the meeting, Jia Mingxing, Zhang Guocheng, Yao Shihuan as the vice directors, and five senior engineers from colleges and universities.

Participants listened to the report, the project team reviewed the identification information, through questions and discussion, for the new HY - MAC rapid thermal fire wall brick, under the research and development and application of scientific and technological achievements appraisal: identification of information provided is complete and accurate data, accordance with the requirements of the appraisal.

The main technical features and innovative points of the project:

1.The first time that magnesium chromium spinel aggregate, added to the magnesia chrome concentrate and binder, successfully developed the high thermal conductivity, refractoriness under load, bulk density, compression strength of aluminium with carbon roasting the fire wall with brick fast heat conduction, conforms to the aluminum carbon roaster design concept and requirements;

2. It is brick resistance to deformation, bending resistance, erosion resistance ability is stronger, in same container temperature, maximum fire way temperature can reduce 30℃ to 50℃, low fire way temperature, uniform temperature distribution, the fire wall is not easy to deformation, can prolong the service life of the fire wall;

3. The research and development of new materials with high thermal conductivity improves the thermal efficiency of furnace and production. This product application in Chinese aluminum industry qinghai branch, tons of anode product can save about 25% of natural gas. The project has been used in production practice, advanced technology, process stability, reducing furnace repairing frequency, reducing the furnace repair work, economic benefit and social benefit is remarkable, the overall technology has reached the international leading level. The product is recommended to be used in carbon industry.

According to the introduction of the General manager of Shanghai henyan Zhang Henghai Instrument Technology Co., Ltd. he main body of the project, foreign company has been committed to constant research in saving energy and reducing consumption carbon calciner, the independent research and development a number of new products, energy saving and emission reduction in 2008 successfully developed a carbon calciner control components, successfully developed a HY - 2009 type 1 calciner cross wall square hole cover, HY - 2 type multifunctional cross wall control device. The company has access to China's nonferrous industry association awards, progress prize in science and technology, Shanghai, Shanghai high-tech achievement transformation project, the national small and medium-sized innovation fund award, has five practical patents and 1 invention patent. In 2010, constant ocean and into the new HY - MAC quick fire brick wall project of research and development of thermal conductivity, anode roasting industry belongs to high efficiency and energy saving projects, mainly conduct fire way temperature rapidly to the products material box, make more use of the thermal efficiency. Seven new rapid thermal conductive bricks by qinghai branch application cycle, tracking test 4 cycles, the energy saving effect is very obvious: save gas by more than 25%, improve the capacity by 14.2%, and extend the lifetime of more than 3 years, especially its high thermal conductivity, heat transfer fast, vertical uniform temperature, temperature difference between small, long heat preservation time, product qualified rate is high, but for the downstream electrolytic aluminium production cost of 81.30 yuan per ton. According to users’ physical and chemical test reports, the comprehensive benefits are up to more than 30%, beyond the expected design goal. , if according to recover the total investment calculation, 3 ~ 4 years of savings can recover all the investment, if according to the individual investment, will pay back your investment in one year.

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