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Types, Technical Properties and Application of Refractory Castable

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Types, Technical Properties and Application of Refractory Castable

Types of refractory castable

Refractory castable mainly distinguished according to apparent porosity, anchoring agent, and types of aggregate. Besides that, refractory castable also classified according to applied temperate and functional characteristics when used. According to apparent porosity, it can be divided into compact refractory castable and adiabatic refractory castable whose apparent porosity is not less than 45%; according to anchoring agent, it can be divided to hydraulicity refractory castable, chemical constitution refractor castable and union refractor castable. The hydralicity refractory castable  can harden in normal atmospheric temperature or by hydration, which mainly include portland cement, ordinary Calcium aluminate cement, pure Calcium aluminate cement and elect rometrical pure Calcium aluminate cement. The chemical constitution usually harden by adding curing agent to lead to chemical reaction in the normal atmospheric temperature, which mainly includes sodium silicate refractory castable, aluminum sulfate refractory castable and phosphate refractory castable. The union refractor castable turns to hard by sintering in the process of calcination, which mainly include Clay castable. According to refractory aggregate, there are clay aggregate (Al2O3 30%~45%),high aluminum aggregate (Al2O3%26ge;45%), silicon aggregate (SiO2%26ge;85%、Al2O3%26lt;10%), alkalin-ous aggregate (magnesite clinker and dolomite ) , special aggregate (carbon, carbide, spinel, zircon and nitride ) and adiabatic aggregate (pearlstone, vermiculite, ceramicite, floater, light brick sand, Porous clinker, and alumina hollow sphere). In the process of construction, it is available to use some mixture aggregate according to construction necessaries.

Technical performances and applications of refractory castable

Refractory castable as the main sort of unshaped refractory material, which can be used without fritting, besides that, among all he unshaped materials it with simple produce craft ship, needs no equipments, with high level of mechanization, easy to construct and with high coefficient of utilization. What’s more, refractory castable often have high intensity and can be made into fabricated material that used by furnace, for example, continuous casting weir plate preform which is pans available refractory castable. Refractory castable mainly used in casting industrial stoves, and also widely applied in fossil oil, chemical industry, electric power,  mechanical industrial stoves, and thermal equipment.

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