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Province Pledges Inspect Bureau to Supervision and Spot Check on Magnesia Refractory

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Magnesia refractory , including magnesia refractory magnesia refractory products and raw materials, are mainly used in metallurgy, building materials, nonferrous metal, chemical industry, machinery, electricity and other high temperature industrial production process, which is the important foundation of high temperature industrial materials. A few days ago, pledges inspect bureau of Liaoning province conducted a special supervision and spot check on magnesia refractory.

The selected samples, anshan, yingkou, dalian, jinzhou, panjin area of 5, 89 companies for production of 112 batches of magnesia refractory products, 105 batches product qualified, sampling percent of pass is 93.8%. 75 magnesia refractory raw material, in case of 85 batches of product production enterprise to carry on the supervision and spot checks, sampling percent of pass is 100%; Of 17 magnesia refractory 27 batches of products production enterprise supervision and spot check, 10 companies in the production of 20 batches of spot checks qualified, sampling percent of pass is 74.1%.

The major non-conformances of the spot-checked magnesia refractory products are the porosity, volume density, rul start temperature and heating permanent linear change and thermal shock resistance; The major non-conformance of magnesite-chrome brick is porosity; The major non-conformances of Calcium magnesium brick are porosity, volume density, load softening temperature.

For the quality problems reflected by quality supervision and spot check , Liaoning province pledges inspect bureau required the related departments should strictly to take effective measures according to the law of the People's Republic of China on product quality standard ", "product quality supervision and spot check management method" or other laws and regulations, to handle the post-processing work of the enterprise checked unqualified products appropriately ,and ensure product quality and safety.

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