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Domestic Exterior Insulation Material Market Current Status and Future Trend Prediction

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Exterior insulation, it’s to point to do it on the outside of the main structure, which is equivalent to provide the entire building a "protection". The reason for this is mainly to protect the buildings’ main structure, to extend the service life of the buildings, to increase the commodity house using area and avoid external ring beam window of door of constructional column beam to form a cooling channel, so as to effectively prevent the phenomenon of "thermal bridge" that is difficult to overcome for the internal insulation structure. External thermal insulation is currently promoting a heat preservation and heat insulation technology, the state not only improve external thermal insulation technology, but also formulate relevant regulations on legal level as assisted.

In China, the building energy-saving wall insulation technology and product application started in the middle of 1980s, when the main popular products are the perlite, composite silicate, sepiolite and organic silicon compound of exterior wall thermal insulation mortar, etc., which occupy the most market in the north areas at the early period. In 1996, to accelerate the development of building energy efficiency, the state has issued the second step of energy saving 50% standard. With the improvement of energy efficiency standards, product performance indicators have to meet the above standards. Most important of all, the above products are from small-scale enterprises, with humble production equipment, not strict production process control, it’s difficult to control the quality in construction process, and causes more engineering problems. Until 2000 years around, the product gradually withdrew from the north area market.

In recent years, our technology and products has been improving rapidly, the European and American developed countries that has been in the construction energy conservation for decades before China, have a completely new appraisal of our domestic wall insulation energy-saving technology. After years of development, energy-efficient building external wall thermal insulation market in China has developed into the industry of various kinds, great variety of technical structure and huge product demands. Market popularization and application of foamed polystyrene board (EPS) system had thin plastering exterior insulation system, mechanical foaming polyphenyl plate steel grid board exterior insulation system, powder polystyrene particles exterior insulation system, foaming polyphenyl board cast-in-place concrete exterior insulation systems and extruded polystyrene board (XPS plate), powder polystyrene particles exterior insulation system complex exterior insulation, polyurethane system (cast-in-situ, spraying and plate type), exterior insulation system, expansion of vitrified microsphere, exterior insulation system, wall thermal insulation system and compound heat preservation and thermal insulation decoration system, etc. Learned, polystyrene board thin plastering exterior insulation system (EPS), powder polystyrene particles exterior insulation systems and extruded polystyrene board (XPS plate), exterior insulation system are the most common systems, on the market basically occupies more than 75% of the external wall thermal insulation market in China. In addition, the mechanical foaming polyphenyl plate steel wire rack, foaming polystyrene board exterior insulation system cast-in-situ concrete external wall thermal insulation system and polyurethane (cast-in-situ, spraying and plate type), exterior insulation system occupy about 20% market share, other system accounted for about 5% of total amount.

According to incomplete statistics, so far, involving related to energy-efficient building exterior insulation system products production and sales enterprises throughout the country reached 8000 (not including raw material supply enterprises), and 2001 years ago, the national conservative industry enterprises in the field data is less than 500. According to the 2008 national building exterior insulation, market situation analysis, formed the entire market output valued 50 billion - 60 billion yuan (RMB, same below), the largest annual sales of about 320 million yuan (including other ancillary product sales of the company; Few enterprises annual sales of 200 million - 200 million yuan, annual sales of 100 million - 200 million yuan less than 2% of the companies, with annual sales of 50 million - 100 million yuan less than 3% of the enterprises, more than 80% of sales in 7 million - 30 million yuan. That is to say, in the current of polystyrene (EPS) thin plastering exterior insulation system 100 yuan/square meters calculation (including the surface of the price), according to the sales reached 200 million yuan, exterior insulation construction area of 2 million square meters; According to the sales reached 100 million yuan, exterior insulation construction area of 1 million square meters. According to the sales reached 50 million yuan, exterior insulation construction area of 500000 square meters. Annual sales for more enterprises are between 100000-300000 square meters.

Thousands of professional enterprises, the real number of companies that have the technology development strength is less than 10%, the enterprise original technology products, patented technology or products have passed the provincial or ministerial scientific and technological achievements appraisal of enterprise's quantity is less. From the above data, though there are number of enterprises in the field of outer wall heat preservation and heat insulation, most of them are small scale, few giant enterprises, lack of technology research and development strength. Although exterior insulation system technology has made the world achievement in a very short period of time, but in the use, the most obvious problems have craze, empty drum, fall off, ooze water, fire, etc. All of the heat preservation construction problems are wake-up calls for the development of the industry market. What reason is caused? From the perspective of technology research and development, thousands of heat preservation wall body (mainly refers to the external wall thermal insulation) enterprise, the number for more than ten years the number is less than 5%, more than 80% of the enterprises, in 2003 or 2004 years began to dabble in. In more than 10 years of industry enterprises, the technology, research and development and the innovation ability is strong, and in the above 80% of the enterprises, only a handful of companies have some technology development and innovation ability, and most of the enterprise's technical director and managers started to do by themselves after departure from related enterprises, the management form, derived from such a lack of independent research and development ability, basically still stays mostly in imitation of technologies and products both at home and abroad, lack of technology and the theory of structural measures, and study the formation mechanism of system, the so-called "system" of the product is not system, once the market low price competition, or to save costs, they can simplify the product structure, at the cost of the product's performance, so the project quality cannot be guaranteed.

After these problems, some will cause attributable to industry market entry threshold low, many do not have the conditions for enterprises to compete. Analysis of insulation materials insulation materials development in our country, there are a lot of types, application range is very wide too. More commonly used include: glass cotton products, vascular resistance, polyurethane foam insulation blankets, glass, etc. The quality of thermal insulation materials and products is an important factor that affects building energy conservation. As well as the countries all over the world pay more and more attention to the development and application of building insulation materials.

After the 1970 s, foreign heat preservation material production and application paid attention to the construction, and makes every effort to significantly reduce the consumption of energy, thus reducing environmental pollution and the greenhouse effect. Foreign heat preservation material industry has a long history, building energy conservation with heat preservation material accounted for the majority, and the new thermal insulation materials are constantly emerging. Before 1980, the development of China's thermal insulation material is very slow, but after more than 30 years’ efforts, especially after nearly 20 years’ rapid development, many products from scratch, from single to diversity, from low to high quality, domestic insulation materials industry has formed relatively complete variety of industries as the expanded perlite, mineral cotton, glass cotton, foam, refractory fibre, calcium silicate insulation products 1 - December, 2006, China imported mineral cotton. Inflation mineral materials; Insulation or sound insulation materials products quantity is 13110148.00 kilogram, used is $29396269.00. 1 - December, 2006, Chinese exports mineral cotton. Inflation mineral materials; Heat insulation or sound insulation materials products quantity is 323873323.00 kilogram, used is $141929418.00. 1 - October 2007, China imported mineral cotton. Inflation mineral materials; Insulation or sound insulation materials products quantity is 12844531.00 kilogram, used is $28133066.00. In October 1, 2007, Chinese exports mineral cotton; Inflation mineral materials, Heat insulation or sound insulation materials products quantity is 293114475.00 kilogram, used is $148816708.00.

Polyurethane material is the best heat preservation material performance in the world. Rigid polyurethane has many excellent properties, which is widely used as the thermal insulation material in the European and American countries in the structure of the roof, wall, ceiling, floor, door. European and American developed countries such as building insulation materials for around 49% of polyurethane materials, but the proportion was less than 10% in China. Therefore, there is a lot of space in the development of polyurethane materials in China. But the polyurethane material being subjected to the question of large area, think it is the culprit causing fire, because by Shanghai heavy 11 ・ "15" the happening of the fire, everyone's target is consistent on the Polyurethane material, but it is understood that the tragic as adopted by the construction unit is the cause of polyurethane foam thermal insulation material that is not treated with flame retardant. If using Polyurethane material conformed to the national fire retardant standards, so would drop down, the fire will not straight to move along the floor. In addition, the oxidizer is more, so caused a major tragedy. China's building energy-saving materials market is larger, especially the building insulation materials. China's housing residential energy loss roughly wall accounted for about 50%; Roof accounts for about 10%; Windows accounts for about 25%; The basement and ground accounts for about 15%. In 2010, the energy saving rate of Chinese architecture is to reach 50%, it needs to comprehensively renovate the building exterior wall, the wall thermal insulation material market will increase significantly.

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