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Changxing Chrome Ore Sand for Foundry Industry

Writer:Changxing RefractoryNumber of visits: Date:2016-2-2
Changxing Chrome ore sand, size: 40-70 mesh has been exported to a Canadian company for 1100T since 2013. Changxing Chrome ore sand is a kind of high quality neutral refractory materials, it is widely used for huge type carbon steel foundry goods, manganese steel casting foundry goods, it can also be worked with all kinds of casting bonding agent to make some core sand, surface sand and casting powder.Compared with silica sand, zirconia sand, Changxing Chrome ore sand for foundry has the following advantages.
1. Good chilled characteristic, promote the casting part surface directional solidification.
2. Low silica content, not easy to reaction with the other metallic oxide, especial when casting Mn- steel foundry goods, it will guarantee the foundry goods purity.
3. Small liner expansion rate. It could well reduce the sand inclusion during processing huge foundry goods.
4. Sintering from small size, Changxing chrome ore sand have goods chilled characteristic, High residual heat intensity, it could remove metal penetration of the foundry goods.
Physical characteristics of chrome ore compared with that of silica sand, zirconia sand, magnesia sand and electric fused alumina powder.
1. Silica sand: It is acid, bulk density 2.7 g/cm3, linear expansion (30-43)*10-5α(1/℃) 20-100℃.
2. Zirconia sand: It is weak acid, bulk density 4.5 g/cm3, linear expansion 8.6*10-5α(1/℃) 20-100℃.
3. Magnesia sand: It is alkalinity, bulk density 3.57 g/cm3, linear expansion 5.1*10-5α(1/℃) 20-100℃.
4. Chrome ore sand: It is neutral, bulk density 3.8-4.1 g/cm3, linear expansion 13.5*10-6α(1/℃) 20-100℃.
5. Electric fused alumina powder: It is neutral, bulk density 4.0 g/cm3, linear expansion 8*10-6α(1/℃) 20-100℃.
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