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Refractory Materials for EAF

Writer:Changxing RefractoryNumber of visits: Date:2016-2-3

EAF (Electric Arc Furnace) is mainly used for steelmaking with steel scrap as the main raw material. According to power types, EAF can be mainly divided into DC EAF and AC.

Same as other high temperature induction furnaces, refractory materials are widely used for EAF. EAF refractory materials are mainly as follows.


Magnesia, magnesium carbon, magnesium aluminum and magnesium chrome refractories are widely used in DC EAF. Non-carbon alkaline bricks are widely used in Europe; while in Japan, thermal shock resistance is thought as a great question, so they prefer using magnesium carbon bricks with high carbon content. In order to improve thermal shock resistance and corrosion resistance of metallurgical equipment, magnesia spinel materials and magnesia-chrome brick are widely used in Europe.


For small AC EAF, asphalt brick, magnesium carbon brick, magnesia gun mix are widely used at furnace wall. For ultra-high power electric AC EAF, high-quality magnesium carbon brick would be used for furnace wall, while for slag line, higher performance high-magnesium carbon brick would be needed. Out of magnesia carbon bricks, magnesia gun mix would be used to repair furnace wall during working.

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